40 years of story

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Our company was founded in October of 1980. We began our history by selling mainly leather for footwear and leather goods. Since then, our main goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs and, in order to do that we use our ‘know-how’ to teach and guide our team and to give them the best tools so we can easily achieve that. Since the last years, we tried to be well informed regarding the latest trends so we can present to our customers new releases every single season. In order to be able to do that we are committed to visit, twice a year, the Milan International Leather Fair (Lineapelle) so we can source the best products and manufacturers.

Also, since 2019, there was an uprising search for alternative materials, and one of our goals is to maintain our customers satisfied so we are now proud not only to be able to offer them vegan articles, from biological agriculture, organic and sustainable but also ‘faux’ leather alternatives.

We are proud to be able to provide, in small quantities, a very diverse and wide range of leather. This is something very specific which takes a lot of time and there aren’t a lot of warehouses doing it, but we firmly believe that this is the secret to our successful business.
40 years of story

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We were always aware of the environment and the future of our planet and the next generations. Therefore, we only work with manufacturers that share the same principles and oblige to the environment rules and regulations, not only in the chemicals used but also how they manufacture the products, following the European Directives. Nevertheless, we think it is important to mention that there are a lot of misinformation regarding the origin of the 100% natural leather. The majority of the products that we sell come from the ‘waste’ produced by the food industry and then that ‘waste’ is reused and transformed in shoes, handbags, sofas, amongst other items.

In that regard, we are proud to announce that SSS is now a member of the Leather Working Group. They are a not-for-profit organization responsible for the world's leading environmental certification for the leather manufacturing industry. They identify environmental best practices in the industry and provide guidelines for continual improvement. In fact, they offer a suite of auditing tools to assess the environmental performance of leather manufacturing facilities – and they also certify those that meet their standards. Therefore, we are committed to continuous improvement following the Leather Working Group guidelines thus positively influencing the tanning industry's relationship with the environment. also influence the leather industry and the environment positively.



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