Natural Leather

It is important to remember that 99% of the world's leather is a by-product of the food industry and that, thanks to the skill of the manufacturer, it can be transformed into a versatile material with great durability. Otherwise, it would go to a landfill, which would be an attack on nature and not a sustainable option at all. The leather industry is an important employer worldwide, generating a turnover of around 125 billion Euros, creating work for more than 40000 companies and 2 million workers.

*All our natural products are produced in accordance with the reach standards.

Natural leather can be tanned in 3 different ways:

Chrome (wet blue)

The most used method for tanning leather is chromium, due to the differentiating characteristics compared to the others, such as resistance to high temperatures (+ 100ºC), possibility of producing waterproof articles and obtaining any colour.

Chrome Free

In this type of tanning, the chromium salts used are reduced (less than or equal to 0.1%), however other types of metals are used.

Vegetal (wet white)

Vegetal tanning uses natural vegetable extracts, rich in tannins, which are incorporated in the leather. It is a manufacturing process that does not use heavy metals and therefore requires a more cautious handling in the manufacturing process, since this type of tanning only supports temperatures between 70-80ºC.

For more information about the origin, characteristics and benefits of natural leather, please visit the Leather Naturally website.

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