Terms and Conditions

The Site is owned by SSS Silva Santos & Silva Lda, NIPC 501 111 670, with share capital of EUR 690,000.00, with head office at Rua A das Travessas 274, 3700-348 São João da Madeira, being responsible for the respective contents, with total discretion, within the limits of the law, reserving the right to modify, suspend or cancel them, without prior notice, as well as the present terms and conditions applicable.

The following general terms and conditions apply to the commercial relations between SSS, established through its internet platform www.sss.com.pt and its users, in the version applicable on the date of the respective use.

Thus, by accessing the SSS website and creating a registration as a user, you accept the general conditions in relation to certain services and content of the site. To initiate business transactions with SSS, the entity needs to register on the respective platform.


General procedures

The user, when placing a request for quotation/order through our platforms, accepts the terms and conditions of SSS.

You can place your order as follows:

1) Linear Meter/M2/Foot: by requesting the quantity required in the unit made available for the said item, without decimal places;

2) Colour Chart: select this option if you want the complete colour chart of the article in question;

3) Sample Box: in this option you can choose 25 different articles and colour and add them to the cart, to receive a sample of 9.5cm in diameter. We will group them in a box so that you can make the combinations of colours/patterns for your models.

For the preparation of these orders it is essential that you provide information such as: name, billing address, delivery address, VAT number, e-mail and telephone number. This information is only for commercial purposes and will not be disclosed to any other entity.

The order is not binding, nor do you have to make any immediate payment.

Given the volatility of the market in terms of prices, and the inexistence of the item in stock, then we may have to make some adjustments. However, we aim for price stability. Please wait for our response to your order to confirm all information.

After placing an order a proforma invoice will be prepared for approval. You should check all the information, such as: quantities, colours and articles.

The order will only be sent after approval and payment.

If the payment of the proforma invoice is not made, you will be notified. If no reply is received the order will be automatically cancelled.

The sale is authorized to any citizen over 18 years old.


– Cancelling orders

It is possible to cancel an order, however, the payment made is not returned, remaining in credit in the customer’s account for future orders.

In case the product is customized and this is already in production, it will no longer be possible to cancel the respective order.


– Product delivery

The delivery time of the products, by rule, in Portugal is of 2 to 3 working days and in the rest of Europe of 2 to 5 working days.

The transport is done by an intermediary company – FEDEX, or similar, strategic partner, which will make the delivery in hands at the address indicated by the client.


– Complaints/Returns of products

Complaints/returns will only be analysed when presented in writing to the e-mail comercial@sss.com.pt within 14 days and provided that the item is in its original condition.

The products sent by carrier must be inspected at the time of delivery.

All anomalies caused by transport must be written in the carrier’s guide, otherwise SSS will not be able to accept complaints.


Use of the site, services and content

The site may not be used for illegal purposes or harmful to SSS or third parties, and that may prevent its normal operation.

Therefore, it is strictly prohibited

– Reproduce, distribute and alter the content of the products/services without the consent of the legal owner or without respecting the applicable legislation;

– Violate the copyright of SSS and its owners;

– Use the contents of SSS for commercial or advertising purposes other than what has been legally authorized and agreed between the user and the entity.


User Responsibility

The use of the site is the sole responsibility of the user.

If the user does not comply with the conditions, SSS reserves the right to refuse, at any time and without notice, access to the site.


In case of dispute, the customer may appeal to the Competent Court of Oliveira de Azeméis or make a claim on www.livroreclamacoes.pt .